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"With body, mind, and spirit
functioning perfectly as a coordinated whole,

what else could reasonable be expected other than an active, alert, disciplined person."

-Joseph Pilates, Return to Life Through Contrology
Bonnie M., North Andover, MA
I can honestly say that coming to Oxygen has positively changed my body.  I had sustained an injury in my teens that had impacted my neck and shoulders, and has literally led to chronic pain as I entered my forties.  I researched several Pilates studios in the area but never felt they could work with my injury without taking the risk of injuring myself further.  I met with Amy and felt confident that with her educational background and practical experience that Pilates would help me overcome this issue.

I took several private sessions with Amy and with her help I got strong enough and confident enough to join the regular group classes.  I am happy to say that I am much better shape, have a greater awareness in my posture, in much less pain and in general feel much better after taking Pilates classes at Oxygen. 

Overall, Oxygen Mind and Body, is a phenomenal place to get in shape and you'll meet some fabulous people while you are there.

Kelly D., Andover, MA
Oxygen Mind and Body is the best!!!! The instructors are amazing and they really know all of their clients needs. From reformer to barre- every class is challenging but fun! I cannot say enough positive things about this studio.
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Marisa P., Salem, NH
I have been taking Pilates instruction from Amy for about one year. Amy has been consistently professional, knowledgable and very perceptive as an instructor. I have worked with many fitness instructors, personal trainers and fitness studios over the years. 

I can honestly say that working with Amy has been one of the most effective, intelligent and helpful fitness experiences I have had. Amy has a very impressive depth of knowledge and is a great listener. I had struggled with hip and knee pain for nearly a decade before taking Pilates lessons with Amy. Both my knee and my hip have been pain free and my overall body balance and wellness had noticeably improved after the first two sessions of Pilates with Amy. 

She consistently listens to my concerns and goals is able to help me to understand how Pilates is useful in strengthening and aligning my body. I am so pleased to have found Oxygen Mind and Body. I look forward to every session of instruction with Amy. She seems to effortlessly make each session informative, enjoyable and interesting. I look forward to continuing to learn from Amy and I am grateful to have incorporated Pilates into my own overall fitness regime.

Kristi Y., Windham, NH
I have attended multiple classes here and I love the welcoming atmosphere. The space is cozy, but the recent extension to the yoga room makes a big difference. I love the size of the classes and level of attention to each student as well - it really has made a difference to me.

I can mostly speak to Sheila's Yoga classes - I love them! She makes the classes easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for any one. She varies the classes greatly so you never get bored of the same routine. Sheila is willing to help you find what works for you and also keeps the atmosphere fun and enjoyable. She is a really great instructor who creates a wonderful and relaxing learning environment.
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Michael M., Andover, MA
Amy's breadth and depth of experience, coupled with her always cheerful and upbeat attitude make this an excellent place for anyone looking for pilates mat, reformer or yoga classes. A great workout for any level from novice to advanced, you will love this studio !! Another plus, Amy recently moved to a new studio that is bright, always extremely clean with very nice air flow from the windows.
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Carolyn H., Andover, MA
After dealing with lower back pain for years, I finally found the solution at Oxygen! In just a few months of mat pilates I was able to see and feel the improvement. Now I wake up in the morning without pain and have learned to use my abs instead of my back during daily activities, resulting in a pain-free day. Exercises I wouldn’t dream of doing in my first few pilates classes I am now able to do with ease. I wouldn’t take it anywhere else, either. Amy is phenomenal at what she does, and offers a challenging class and individual feedback in a non intimidating way. I’ve also taken yoga with Erica there who is equally fantastic. I’m notorious for joining gyms and then canceling membership after months of no use, but this time I’m hooked! Thanks Amy and team!

Lynne H., Andover, MA
Personalized attention from terrific instructors and an upbeat atmosphere make Oxygen Mind & Body a great studio for a workout.  Owner/instructor Amy is extremely knowledgable and experienced and takes the time to work with each student individually to ensure that every work out is a great one. Classes are fun and up-beat and Amy keeps her instruction style positive and encouraging.  The routines are anything but routine and the workouts are challenging and energizing.  Highly recommend this as a fantastic workout!
(via Yelp)

Eddey R., Andover, MA
I've discovered muscles I never knew existed! Amy is patient, yet challenging. Just when you think you know all her moves she changes things up. I'm hooked.
(via Facebook)

Linda J., Hampstead, NH
This pilates and yoga studio has it all - mat classes, reformer classes and a variety of yoga classes.  All in a clean setting, with personalized instruction.   Such a refreshing change from the large gyms where you're fairly anonymous - Amy and her instructors generously share all of their expertise and knowledge and provide a fantastic workout experience.
(via Yelp)

Kathleen L., Groveland, MA
A lot of effort to make this new club as up to date and current. I am really enjoying the pilates and reformer and found Amy to be extremely knowledgable and tuned into the needs and level of the students. I am very excited about my improved health taking classes with her.
(via Yelp)
Every client is an individual.
We aim to provide the best Pilates, Yoga and Barre experience in the area.
Don't just take our word for it...
What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall health. The Pilates system includes exercises for every part of the body and applications for every kind of activity.

Over 10 million people are now practicing Pilates in the United States and the numbers are growing every year.

Is Pilates just for women?

Wrong! So, so wrong. You know Joseph Pilates was a dude, right? Pilates regimens have been cited in the workout routines of some of the manliest men around. Ultimate fighters, football players, celebrities, and golfers just make up the tip of the iceberg. If you're looking for a competative edge or a way to improve your performance in any wide range of activities, you're behind the game if you're leaving Pilates out of the mix.

My doctor said I should try Yoga/Pilates for my back issue, where do I start?

If you are working with issues or injuries of the spine, we recommend contacting the studio to find the best program for you. Active disc problems, scoliosis, osteoperosis, stenosis, or other spine issues may require special attention and a general class may not be the appropriate place to begin. Contact the studio to schedule a free consultation and assessment.

I am expecting, or planning to start a family - can I still do these workouts?

In almost all cases, yes. Medical clearance is required before you can begin, but once you are cleared for general exercise, Pilates, Yoga and Barre are wonderful workouts to keep your body fit through pregnancy and will help you recover quickly after your baby arrives. Please contact the studio to set up a free consultation before your first class so that we can determine a program that fits your needs. Certain group classes may not be appropriate during pregnancy.

Do I need dance or ballet experience to do a Barre class?

Absolutely not! Think of our barre classes as a pressure-free environment. Not coordinated? Can't follow a beat? Can't stay synchonized in class? Don't stress about it! It's about having a blast and getting the results you want.

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